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How To Make Your Cats Go Crazy with BlissLights

Most cats love chasing laser pointers around.  And everyone loves watching cats chase lasers.  Over the summer I came across a laser pointer on steroids, where instead of chasing a single laser dot, my cats can now chase hundreds or thousands of them at once.

The device is called a BlissLight.  It’s basically a laser that uses a hologram to turn a single light into thousands.  You just plug it into the wall and it works.  It can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can point it any direction you want and it comes with a remote that allows you to control the speed of the light movement.  Depending on how you point the light, it can be used to cover the entire front of a house with dancing lights or just a tiny area.

At first, my cats went crazy with these lights and wore themselves out chasing so many little lights at once.  These days it’s more of a relaxing thing for them, where they like to lounge in the light and occasionally swat at one of the moving beams.

BlissLights come in three colors; green, red and blue.  Green is the best.  They are bright, have a lot of movement and cover huge areas.  Red is not as good as green.  The light is a little fuzzy, there’s not as much movement and it covers less area.  The blue lights suck, big-time.  The light is too fuzzy to be of any use and there’s practically zero movement.  My blue light quit working after a week.  I was happy to return it.

The gotcha with these lights is they are not cheap (they were intended for landscape/party/holiday lighting, not cat toys).  Missed marketing opportunity for them.

You can get them at the BlissLight web site by clicking here, but I wouldn’t recommend it…way too expensive.

They are sometimes available here through QVC for a lot cheaper.

And another, often cheaper option is looking for them on eBay.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You want to make sure you get the new lights made in 2015 with MOTION.  There are static BlissLights too (the light doesn’t move or dance around).  Without motion, they are kind of worthless for cats.  So if you get one, verify it has motion, OK?

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